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December 31st‐31st, 1969   - calendar

Led by Margarita DiVita & Robbie Warren, Dance Chiefs

Margarita DiVita, Candy Barbee & Robbie Warren

In 2002, Candy Barbee was given a vision of war arrows being shot into the sky. As the arrows neared the apex, they turned into corn arrows and fell into the earth as planted corn. In the Fall of that year, the vision came into being as the Corn Harvest Dance.

So that her vision could expand and evolve, Candy received the guidance to pass the service of Dance Chief onto Robbie Warren, Otter Woman Medicine, Charlotte, NC and Margarita DiVita, Center For Peace, Seymour, TN. In honor of the vision, Robbie and Margarita will serve as Dance Chiefs as we dance the 8th Corn Harvest Dance in 9 years.

The Energy of this Dance is about Harvesting that which we have planted as well as transmuting any energies that prevent us from receiving these gifts. It is about rejoicing our abundance; dancing gratitude and praise for all we have harvested in the past year, and setting intentions/seeds for what we hope to harvest next fall. This Dance is unique because of its participatory nature. Various rounds offer opportunities to reflect upon reluctance to receive abundance and love and allow us to explore heart-strangling and heart-opening exercises, clearing the way for celebration and thanksgiving for what has been received as well as our continued abundance. This Dance holds a powerful transformational ability for breaking old patterns and experiencing joy. We encourage you to reflect upon what may be standing in the way of a happy heart and invite you to offer them to Fire as you Dance, either by intention or in physical form, such as a note, photo, picture, etc.

The Dance Arbor is unique in that it is a square within a circle within a square with 4 directional fires, which assist in connecting with the Energy of the Stars. The Corn Harvest Dance is an experience of community. Everyone, Dancers, Firekeepers, Drummers and Chiefs, sleeps in the Peace Sound Chamber, dances, fasts and participates in the ceremonies. All traditions are welcome and we will begin the dance by asking all of the traditions to play together for the weekend.

The Corn Harvest has always been offered on a donation basis. At the beginning of the Dance everyone is given the opportunity to place your “harvest” of money, gifts or I.O.U.&rsquoi;s for money, services, or goods in a basket. The energy of the gift is part of your dance and harvest for the next year. At the end of the Dance everyone will be given an opportunity to return to the basket. At this time you may plant additional “seeds” of money or gifts or you may remove or exchange anything you placed at the beginning. This offers the opportunity to reflect upon your mindset regarding monetary goods and allows you to offer what is comfortable for your financial situation. This will enable any person to dance without money being the deciding factor. (The traditional donation for a Dance of this duration would be $350.00.)

We invite you to join us with an open heart and mind as we dance in JOY the Harvest of our Gifts Of Abundance.

“We will give thanks for the harvests in our lives.

We will celebrate our successes.

We will remember our blessings.

We will dance in the harvest moonlight amid the

Autumn palette of the mountains

In an ancient corn field

Remembering the Harvests.”

- Candy (FireBear) Barbee


“People who dance the Corn Dance are harvesters of beauty for all life.”
- Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Margarita DiVita at, Telephone: (865) 767-2701 or Robbie Warren at

If you have any questions, please call Margarita DiVita at (865) 767-2701