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The Center for Peace is an international community focused on ancient wisdom traditions applied in the modern world.

We are located on sixteen acres in Seymour, TN, in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. Our pleasantly rustic facilities include the Peace Sound Chamber (used for chanting, workshops,ceremonies, and Vision Quests), a sweat lodge, a dance arbor, an open meadow for activities and camping, some peaceful woods, a gift store and a nicely appointed kitchen/dining area.

Our well equipped kitchen is capable of feeding 50-60 people three meals a day. Seating is banquet style, like a big family around the table.

For our longer workshops, gatherings and dances, camping is available as well as numerous motels located in nearby Sevierville, TN.

We offer many opportunities, such as:

  1. Visionary dances
  2. Sweat lodges
  3. Fire ceremonies
  4. Young people’s activities
  5. Chanting
  6. Drumming gatherings
  7. Sound healing

For more information, call 865-428-3070

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Seymour SunMoon Dance

July 20th-23rd

Work Day for Dance

July 14th

Sweat lodge

Saturday Sweat Lodge

Saturday, August 4th

Fire starts at 10am, in lodge about 12

Monthly Fire Ceremony

Monthly Fire Ceremony

Tuesday, August 7th

Please arrive by 6:45pm


Young People’s SunMoon Dance

August 11th

Dance Schedule for 2018

The Center For Peace
Seymour, TN

May 25-27

Women’s Web of Life Dance
Chiefs: Jennilea Beem & Heather Robinson

August 31-September 2

Drum Dance
Chief: Brenda Sue Whitmire

July 20-23, 2018

2018 Seymour Sun Moon Dance
Chief: Steve Citty

November 2nd-4th

Dragon Dance of Creation
Chief: Candy Barbee

August 11th

Native Nurturing Young People’s Dance
Chief: Nan Citty

January 19-20, 2019

Long Dance
Chiefs: Colby McLemore & Katy Koontz

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Featured Event

Seymour SunMoon Dance

July 20th-23rd


Saturday, August 4th

Saturday Sweat Lodge

fire starts at 10, in lodge about 11:30

Tuesday, August 7th

Monthly Fire Ceremony

6:45 pm

Saturday, August 11th

Young People’s SunMoon Dance

August 31st – September 2nd

Drum Dance

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