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Medicine Wheel Teachings

January 24th, 2015

10 am – 3 pm

“The Medicine Wheel as Metaphor for Cosmic Creation”

Led by: Steve Citty

Steve Citty began study of Native American teachings in the ’70’s. In 1994 he began working with Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), a Pueblo and Ute Indian. Joseph brought his teachings and his vision for the Peace Sound Chamber to the Center for Peace several years prior. The ceremonial vision quest dances held at the Center came from Joseph’s teachings.

This workshop will also come from those teachings. The metaphor of the medicine wheel is the basis of the metaphor of the ceremonial dances.

Many of the Native American peoples still use the medicine wheel as a basis of teaching their Spiritual values and wisdom. Many aspects of the medicine wheel vary from one people to the next. But the core concept that all life shares in the cycle remain in the teachings.

The basic medicine wheel is a circle of life in four sections – for the four cardinal directions. For the most part, that is where the similarities end in the design, although there remain many other similarites.

Each quadrant is typically assigned–

  • a Direction
  • Season of the year
  • Time of day
  • Stage of human life
    • infant
    • adolescent
    • adult
    • elder

The remaining aspects are placed in different and various quadrants depending on the teaching of the elders of the particular Medicine wheel.

  • Color (almost universally Yellow, White, Black & Red)
  • Animal
  • Herbs
  • Minerals
  • Aspect of humaness
    • mental
    • emotional
    • physical
    • spiritual
  • Time of day
  • An aspect or teaching;
  • Four races of mankind



Please wear loose, layered, comfortable clothing.

It is important for everyone participating in this experience to arrive on time, so as not to "miss out" on any information or explanation.

The contribution for this workshop is $20.

For more information contact Steve Citty