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  January 28th & 29th, 2012


 (attendance required BOTH days)

Jeanne Robinson

Marti Ackerman

Basic Workshop
awakening to the
Living Wisdom
in the Universe and in you


The word "Shaman" comes from north eastern Russia and means "one who can see in the dark". This refers to the Shaman’s ability to see into the worlds not normally seen with the physical eyes. The Shaman is familiar with what s/he may call the "lower world", the "middle world", the "upper world", or other dimensions; and to the Shaman these other worlds have just as much reality as this "normal" world in which we live.

Indeed, the Shaman might say that things in this world seem normal, simply because so many people agree on what they see and how they are experiencing this world.

Shamanism is not a religion. It is a method or practice. It is a way of connecting with the Spirit of Life in all things and using that connection to help themselves and others.

The purpose of this workshop is not only to expose the participants to these "other worlds" but also to teach them how to journey to and within these other worlds in order to retrieve information, bring help and healing to someone in need, and to guide their lives and the lives of others into more fulfilling and abundant patterns.

The Shaman is first, last, and always a healer; and the path of the Shaman is the path of the Healer.


Those who plan to attend this workshop will need to bring a blanket, mat, or rug to lie on; a pillow; food to share for a light luncheon each day [tummies too full tend to lead to drowsiness]; a bandanna or scarf to cover your eyes; pen and writing pad; a personal question which you are willing to share with the group; and an open mind.

Please wear loose, layered, comfortable clothing.

It is important for everyone participating in this experience to arrive on time, so as not to "miss out" on any information or explanation.

There is much information to be covered in two days and sessions will begin as promptly as possible.

The cost for this workshop is $125.

For more information contact Jeanne Robinson