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Drum Making Workshop 2013

October 12th


Registration and $50 deposit due by Feb 11, 2012

Led by José Gonzalez

Drum Workshop

$165 - 16” drum (Deer, Elk or Buffalo) $140 - 14” drum (Deer, Elk or Buffalo)

Create your own sacred instrument – the Drum, the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Marti Ackerman

Learn how to birth this amazing instrument and how to use it for Healing, Relaxation and Fun.

Please bring an item to share for lunch.

A $50 deposit is due by Feb 11.

Class size is limited, so please register early. All materials are included in the workshop fee, including drum stick.

Register online at When registering, please specify size and hide that you prefer.

For More Information, call Marti at 704-906-9464

This workshop is done in ceremony and is intense. Each person will find their drum in the ceremony with the help of the ancestors. It does require your concentration and you will learn many things about yourself. Surprise yourself with the gift of this strong medicine tool.

A fourteen(14)” drum is $140; a sixteen(16)” drum is $165. Drum can be in cow, elk or bison. You will choose the size and drum skin material when you register.

A $50 deposit is due by Feb 11.


  • 3” bent wood frame drum.
  • We will be using lacing of cow and elk.
  • Drumskin of cow, elk or bison.


  • Lunch to share
  • Sharp pocket knife or Exacto knife
  • Very good tough craft scissors
  • Ball point pen
  • Pliers are handy
  • Cushion to sit on the floor or a camping chair
  • Patience
  • Ancestors

Contact the coordinator José Gonzalez at 865-300-3439 for more information. Or email us at