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Fan Making Workshop:

Make your own feather fan.

Saturday, June 25th
10am — 5pm

Workshop fee: $25

Led by: Steve Citty and Jeanne Robinson

This is a working workshop. Jeanne and Steve will be available to assist and demonstrate techniques that you can incorporate into the fan you want to make.

    Supplies will be available including:

  • Several turkey wings, as well as other legal wings and tails.
  • Individual feathers for smudging/prayer feathers. These can be made as single feather or multiple feather fans.
  • Colored thread
  • Beads
  • Small crystals
  • Leather for handles
  • Cedar pieces for handles
  • Other necessary supplies
  • Tools

For a listing of feathers and wings that are considered legal by the National Wildlife agency see North American Migratory Bird Act

This is a .pdf listing of Birds Protected Under the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act.


    If you have feathers, wings or tails that you want to make into a fan, bring those items with you. You may also want to bring leather, beads, colored thread, crystals or material (wood, bone, antlers etc.) to make handles for your fan.

    (If you have any of these tools bring them. We will supply tools, but they will need to be shared)

  • Small needle nose pliers
  • X-Acto knife
  • Scissors
  • Ruler/straight edge
Please bring a food item to share for community lunch. DO NOT bring anything that needs to be cooked

SUGGESTIONS: Crockpot dishes (and crockpot) are fine, finger foods, salads, deserts, drinks

Info: Steve Citty at (865) 300-4424

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