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Native Nurturing October Overnight

October 20th – 21st 2012

Led by: Nan Citty

Making Gourd Rattles
from the gourds that we planted at the Spring Overnight!

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A weekend retreat for parents and their children

We will be learning about and MAKING Gourd Rattles

At the Spring overnight in April of this year, we planted gourds. Just as Joseph has shown us, we planted the seeds, then drummed and danced. The plants were cared for and watered through the dry heat of early summer and have produced a beautiful crop of Hopi rattle gourds, dipper gourds and several other varieties of gourds.

There are plenty of gourds for all the children and probably for all the adults who come to this workshop. We will provide paints and some items to decorate the rattles which we will all be making on Saturday night.

The children will also learn about:

  • Long Dance Ceremony
  • Drumming
  • The Four Directions
  • Story Telling
  • and Chanting

On Sunday morning there will be a Children’s Sweat Lodge, Give Away and Feast

We consider children to be our sacred responsibility and honor them.

The Native Nurturing Weekends are created to give children and their parents a positive hands-on experience that includes drumming, chanting, storytelling, and lessons on a variety of ceremonies. The workshops help make these teachings of the Old Way a regular part of the lives of our children-and reinforce them as a regular part of our lives. We will sleep in the Peace Sound Chamber where it will be warm and dry.

This weekend will be led by Elders from the Center for Peace who have spent many years learning these ceremonies. Nan Citty and Steve Citty who are SunMoon Dancers as well as SunMoon Dance Chiefs will be assisted by Margarita DiVita and William Charles Patterson (Crow Caller).


    We will be sleeping in the chamber which is an open space with a wooden floor.It will be warm and dry in the chamber.

    Participants should bring:

  • A sleeping pad or air mattresss
  • A sleeping bag or blankets
  • Flashlight
  • Comfortable clothing and layers so you can stay comfortable both inside and outside.
  • Comfortable shoes for both inside and outdoors.
  • For the Sweat Lodge:

  • Suggested dress for inside the sweat lodge
    • shorts or swim trunks for men and boys
    • dresses or skirts for women and girls. (something that is modest and that you don’t mind getting muddy).
  • Towels for each person (these are likely to get muddy as well)
  • Feast and Give Away

  • Bring food to share.
  • if you or your childern have any special dietary needs, please come prepared to take care of those needs.

  • We will also be holding a giveaway after the feast, so bring something you would like to give away to symbolize the sharing of our bountiful gifts and the love and caring we have for all our brothers and sisters. Such sharing helps us to impart to our children the importance of honoring the gifts of this Earth and of the Spirit. The children in turn help remind us that to believe is to receive.
  • It is important for everyone participating in this experience to arrive on time, so as not to "miss out" on any information or explanation.

For more information contact Nan Citty

Cost: $25 per person

Children must be accompanied by parent or guardian.

For information contact:

Nan Citty: by email

or call: 865-405-6809