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Power Animals, Totems and Guides


May 14th, 2011   -

10am – 5pm

Led by Marti Ackerman

Marti Ackerman








$76 per person

Every person has animals that protect them and act as guardians. By first identifying these animals and then listening to the (hidden) messages they bring, we can claim a higher sense of personal power and wisdom. This workshop will take you through specific exercises to help you:

  • Claim your individual Totem Animals
  • Understand Power Animals
  • and listen to your Animal Guides

We’ll answer questions such as:

  • What is a Power Animal?
  • How can I find an Animal Totem?
  • elk
  • Why do I keep seeing certain animals everywhere?
  • Why do I collect certain animals?

Please bring a blanket & pillow and be prepared to do some light walking. Bring your lunch or a dish to share for a community lunch.