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The Council at the Center For Peace has created a number of committees to help facilitate the operation of the Center. Please take advantage of these opportunities to participate in the healthy growth of our Center.

Without your help, the committees will not function at the highest level possible. PLEASE look at the list below and find an area that interests you. Contact us by clicking on the “contact” links provided and tell us your ideas and which committee you wish to join.

If you see some way that you can use your unique skills to energize the Center, please let us know.

Giftshop Committee

Workshop Committee

Property Committee

Youth Program Committee

Communications Committee

Ceremonial Mentoring Committee

Supplies Committee

Giftshop Committee

  • Purchasing

    Purchasing trips authorized by the Council to the Gem and Lapidary Show in May and July and similar events.

  • Staffing

    Provide trained staff for appropriate events (dances, workshops, special events etc.)

  • Cleaning

    Clean giftshop on a regular basis, especially before events.

  • Display

    Manage the display of items in the giftshop.

  • Outreach

    Loading and unloading items to be taken to remote sales sites eg. the Coptic Conference in April. Staffing the sales tables at these events.

  • Special events

    Organizing, publicizing, cleaning, staffing for events such as “Premier Shopping Days” in December.

If you would like to be a part of these activities on even an occasional basis, please contact us.

Chair: Jeanne Robinson
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Workshop Committee

  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Special Events

The Workshop Committee is tasked with finding workshops, seminars and special events; coordinating the event by presenting the proposed event to the Council, scheduling, press releases, coordinating with the provider, replying to registrants, coordinating meals if necessary, collecting donations as required, completing income/expense reports and reporting results to council. Event fees may be waived for the coordinator.

If you have ideas for workshops, seminars or special events or would like to assist in coordinating upcoming events, please contact us.

Chair: Council
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