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Dragon Dance 2022

October 14th – October 16th, 2022

Led by Candy Barbee & Barbara Howell – Dance Chiefs



Corona Virus protocols

In this time of Corona Virus, we feel that the most effective way to provide a level of comfort and safety to all of our dancers and staff is to require that all participants test for COVID. Test as close to the event as possible.

Self test kits are available for free from the government as well as most drugstores (Walgreens & CVS). Test results take about 15 minutes.





The Dragon Dance of Creation is a NEW DANCE that is based on the Native American Medicine Wheel and is inclusive of many beliefs and traditions. It is a Mystical Dance that helps you identify, connect with and expand your Creative Soul.

Come DANCE and CREATE while embracing the Directions and Elements. Please wear your regalia/costumes/outfits that may include those of the Indigenous Peoples, the Fairies, the Highlanders, the Knights, the Vikings, the Kahunas, and your Power Animals.

  • Dance through old beliefs that keep you captive in the present.
  • Create space within your Heart and Head for new ideas and inspiration to live.
  • Get in touch with your Creative Soul.
  • Create Medicine tools.

We will Dance in the circular arbor and dance various patterns within the Circle. We will have various Ceremonies to help you find or re-connect with your Creativity.

At each Direction there will be items with which you can interact and use to create temporary or permanent tools, symbols and artifacts for your altar, desk or home. These are intended to help remind you of your Dance and move forward into your future.

This Dance came about as a way of honoring the numerous people in our community who were born in 1952, and who have turned or will be turning 65 years old in 2017. 1952 is one of several Dragon Years in the Chinese Zodiac Calendar. Other Dragon Years are 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, and 2012.

It is absolutely NOT necessary to be born in a Dragon Year to Dance or be on the Crew for the Dragon Dance. This is an inclusive Dance and open to all who are drawn and feel the call to participate.

We will sleep in the covered arbor and Dance during the daylight and nighttime. Bring warm and comfortable clothes and shoes or boots to withstand cool temperatures and wet grass. Bring plenty of blankets or a sleeping bag, pillow, mattress and a large tarp or two smaller ones for your bedroll. Bring whatever clothes or costumes or regalia that expresses YOU (no nudity).

This is a Fasting Dance of no food or water or talking during its duration. Bring whatever sacred items you would like to have with you during the Dance.

At the end of the Dance we will enjoy a shared feast and time for reflection and sharing as a group. We will have a Giveaway. This is a sacred ceremony of release and receiving. People are asked to bring one or more items that have special meaning to them: items that they are ready to release. The items are placed on a blanket and when your turn comes, you will pick up something that calls to you on the blanket to take home with you.

The Dragon Dance of Creation will start at 2:00 pm on Friday 14 October. Please bring clothes for a Sweat Lodge Ceremony: women and men may wear shorts, a sarong, or skirt along with a top. The Dance will end mid- afternoon on Sunday 16 October.

The cost for participation in the Dragon Dance of Creation is $350.00. The cost to be a Crew Member is $50. There is no charge for the ceremony itself-only to cover the costs of the venue and expenses.

This will be an interesting Dance with plenty of time for dancing and processing as well as doing creative activities. Come join in the FUN with us and find your Muse!

Please contact Dragon Chief Candy for more information or any questions or concerns that you may have regarding this ceremony. or 865-719-6721.

There will be additional information forthcoming after you sign up as a Dancer or Crew Member.