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2022 Drum Dance

September 2nd – September 4th, 2022

Led by Brenda Sue Whitmire– Dance Chief

Chief’s note to dancers


Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, wrote of the Drum Dance:

“I was given a vision in which I saw a Drum Dance. Men and women dancers were moving rhythmically back and forth on an open field from inside a giant drum that was being played . . .

“The drum was made from a hollow log with a skin on it. The people who were playing the drum said that when doing a Drum Dance, the dancers would bring forth greatness because the wood is greatness and is what the drum is made from. The dancers would dance the vibration of the sound, bouncing back (present) and forth (future) and returning to past memory, like the sound waves which were bouncing back and forth inside the hollow log of the drum being played. This would be a way by which all physical life would pick up the resonating vibration of sound by which to shift consciousness. This could create the necessary planetary changes because the planetary energies wanted to dance effortlessly between the present, future, and memory of harmony . . .

“During the first day, the dancers release emotional hindrances to their personal growth . . .  By the second day, fatigue starts to set in. As the physical body surrenders, there is . . . a sense of exhilaration, of transcending limitations and beliefs about oneself. The dancers begin to receive glimpses of other parallel realities.

“During the third day, a golden plate forms over the heads of the dancers and another plate appears directly below on the ground at the feet of the dancers. From time to time, the energy spirals from the lower plate to the upper plate, connecting the Earth energy with the Sky energy . . .”

--from Being and Vibration by Joseph Rael, pp. 165 and 166

Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, introduced the Drum Dance at the Center for Peace in 1994.

Drum Dancers’ Information

There will be an afternoon orientation, teaching, and sweat lodge on Friday. The Drum Dance and fasting begins immediately after the sweat lodge and ends sometime on Sunday.

Plan to arrive by noon on Friday. If you can arrive early, your help will be needed to prepare for the dance, including  sweat lodge preparations, wood splitting, stone and pole gathering, ground preparation, etc.  It is important for every dancer to be here for the beginning of the dance.

A food and water fast is recommended for the duration of the dance. Those who have special medical needs and/or who are taking medication may discuss it with the dance chief prior to the dance.

Items to bring:

Bring a large tarp to lie/sit on between rounds.

Sleeping bag, pad, blanket, pillow, tent, tarp or ground cover, clothes for hot or cool weather, raincoat or poncho, clothes for the sweat lodge, towels, skirts or dresses for women (no halter or tank tops or sheer blouses), long pants and/or skirts and shirts for men, 100 percent cotton cloth for prayer ties (red, yellow, black, white, green, and blue), string, tobacco, sunblock, insect repellent, sun hat, sun glasses, or whatever items are needed for your personal comfort (such as baby wipes, deodorant, etc.).


Dancers bring pre-prepared or easily prepared food to share on the third day for a potluck feast after the dance ends. Bear in mind that the food which you bring for this feast must last for three days before it is eaten. There is limited refrigerator space at the Center for food storage.

Sleep Arrangements:

During the Dance all dancers will sleep at the dance site, where you may pitch a tent. Silence will be observed for the duration of the dance.  Basically, we will be dancing during the sunlight hours, with rest and sleep periods as directed by the dance chief. (The dance chief and the drummers will be provided with sleeping space and meals at the house, if they so desire.)

The rules are few.  In the mystical tradition, the dance chief request that there be no alcohol, drugs, pets, visitors, or nudity at any time at the site of the Drum Dance.  Please bring appropriate clothing for the sweat lodge (dress or skirts for women, swim trunks or shorts for men). Bringing children is not recommended as it will split your energy and attention. There will be no childcare available at the dance. Once the dance begins, for your safety, you will not be allowed to leave the Drum Dance site without permission.

On Site Registration

11 am to 1 pm on Friday.


This year, the requested donation for the Drum Dance is $350.