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Holiday Happenings

Christmas Eve Candle Lighting Ceremony

December 24, 7 pm


We gather as a spiritual family, sing our favorite Christmas songs, and light our candle. It is our way of celebrating our part of the flow of Love, Wisdom, Grace, and Power, which the holidays signify.

Please bring a favorite “finger food” or beverage to share afterward. Also, please bring a gift, which has not been wrapped, for the give-away blanket. We do not wrap the gifts; because each person will be asked to take the gift from the blanket, which especially attracts his/her attention.


Annual New Year’s Day Sweat Lodge

Wednesday, January 1, 2020 10 am

. winter lodge

Sarah Franklin will lead this lodge.
Firekeeeper: Paradise Kirkland
Lodge Elder: Steve Citty

The fire will start at 10 am. We will go in the lodge when the stones are hot (usually about an hour to an hour-and-a-half. You are encouraged to come early and prayerfully prepare for the lodge.

Let’s make the most of a new beginning on the first day 2020. Please bring towels, a change of clothing, and food to share. In addition to bringing food for the feast afterward, please also bring something for a Give-Away after the lodge.

[ Idea: Sometimes we know immediately that a wonderful gift we received during the holidays is really for someone else — sometimes we even know to whom it really belongs. This is a good time to help these gifts find their rightful owners. Great and useful gifts are even more so, when they find the person who will appreciate and use them the most!]

General Information about Sweat Lodges.