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Drumming Circle


First Saturday of the month

March Circle is cancelled for WORK DAY
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Steve Citty facilitates



The Drumming Circle convenes in the Arbor. This provides plenty of room for social distancing. Please show respect for the Elders by wearing a mask when in the group. There is plenty of room to social distance and we are out of doors so there is not a demanding need to wear masks at all times during the drumming, but be sure to have one for those times we are all moving about and closer together.

As expected, if you or someone around you feels sick we respectfully ask that you participate in this ceremony at home.

This is an opportunity to come a play drums with others in a prayerful way.

Everyone is welcome to come- Bring your drum or rattle. If you don’t have a drum, come anyway, several drums will be available for you to use.