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Elders Remember

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Fifth Sunday


Led by:Center For Peace Elders

Al Fletcher

“One Man’s Journey”"

A journey from orderly existence to intuitive living.

At times in life’s journey we come to points that present us with choices. These “Choice Points” are defining moments when a life path direction choice has to be made. Those choices can be made analytically or intuitively. We will discuss how we make those choices and the power of intuition.

General Information

A few months ago the elders who have been coming to the Center For Peace over the years gathered with the intent of finding a way to share with the community some of the wisdom they have gathered over the years.

Every quarter of the year there is a month with 5 Sundays. Those Sundays will be the times our Elders will come to the Center and teach.


January 29, 2023 Al Fletcher One Man’s Journey
April 30, 2023 Nan Citty Why We Dance
July 31, 2023 Sandy Palmer Meditation
October 29, 2023 Ula Rae Mynatt “What I have Gotten From Joseph’s Teachings”.
December 31, 2023 To Be Determined Peace Chant Meditation


Leaving the driveway at the Center, turn right on Graves-Delozier Road. At the first right (a paved road), drive down the hill. Please park in the meadow. The chamber is at the top of the road.

directions to the Center


These teachings are offered on a love offering donation basis.  IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING ABUNDANT,PLEASE DON’T ALLOW THIS TO PREVENT YOU FROM COMING.  If you have no idea what would be appropriate, we would suggest $20 although less, more, an item, and/or a prayer would also be very much appreciated.