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Family Christmas Eve


Christmas Eve
Friday, December 24th


Facilitator: Becky Walker


The Center for Peace would like to cordially invite you to our Family Christmas Gathering.  It will be held Dec. 24th from 3pm-7ish. We will eat between 4-4:30

This is a potluck so contact Becky Walker at for what is needed. We will provide turkey, dressing, and sweet potato soufflé as well as tea, coffee and water.

There will be a gift exchange in the White Elephant style but with ugly (Unusual) Christmas ornaments only, $10 limit. The more ridiculous the better. I once brought a bulldog in a tutu as mine.

We will have all kinds of fun and games like Who Am I and Topic Cards. We will also be having a Lip Sync contest! Sign up now if you want to enter. There will be judges and prizes awarded. (Contact Becky for this also)

Later we will all join together to sing Christmas carols, you can decide if you want my fabulous Christmas carols like, Grandma Lost Her Teeth (Here Comes Santa Clause) and I Just Sharted (Frosty the Snowman)or if you prefer the classic versions.

We will close the evening with a candle lighting as we sing Silent Night and allow our light of love and grace to shine out into the world. (Tradition of Jeanne & Perry Robinson)

Don’t spend Christmas alone. We would love to celebrate with you.

This will be an indoor event and masks required. Testing in advance even better. It is also an alcohol free event.


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