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New Year’s Day Fire and Chanting

Friday, January 1, 2021


New Year’s Day 2021 will be a different kind of celebration this year. Due to the Corona virus we have not been holding sweat lodges of any kind at the Center.

This year we will have a fire at the sweat lodge location and gather around for chanting.

The coming of The New Year is a time of celebration and new beginnings; a time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. A time to release what no longer serves and a time to manifest our best paths. 2020 has taught us, it has changed us, and in some cases it has broken us. Yet, 2020 has made us stronger, more resilient and more grateful. It has made us truly grateful for all our blessings. Truly grateful for our family, community and The Great Spirit.

Let us come together around the fire at 11am EST to drum on the 1st of January, the start of the New Year of 2021. Let us mend our broken pieces. Let us feel each other’s love and appreciation in person, while still being safely socially distanced. Let us hold the fire for you while you drum away your cares, drum away worry, sickness, sadness and let us step into the New Year with Grace, Ease and Peace.

Bring your own musical piece, whether it’s a drum, flute or otherwise. We will have some available to borrow if necessary. Please join us; togetherness is so very important during this time.

We welcome in 2021 with chanting, drumming and a transformative fire. This is an opportunity to release that which no longer serves us and to welcome in the new energies we desire for the year. Let’s make the most of a new beginning on the first day of the year.


The element Fire possesses the amazing power of transmutation. And transmutation, quite simply, is the ability to alter reality. Instantly. It’s creation energy.

Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow teaches that by healing our own confusion, we actually help heal the confusion of the physical world.

Fire helps us heal our own confusion by inviting us to suspend our normal day-to-day existence and focus on the elemental force and nature of Fire. Many of us feed the Fire things we want to release that no longer serve us (be those things anger, fear, frustration, or even feeling not good enough—all just other terms for confusion, which results when we forget who we really are). Some feed these things to the fire energetically, while others choose a physical representation (such as a piece of paper on which they’ve written or drawn what they’d like to give up). Because this is a ceremonial fire, it not only transforms but actually transmutes whatever it’s given.

Transmutation is similar to transformation, but there’s a subtle and powerful difference. When something transforms, it changes in form—often dramatically so. Paper put in a fire transforms to ash in seconds. But when something is transmuted, in the split of a split of a second (as Joseph would say), it changes energetically and it is actually reborn.

“...Chanting has to do with sound. Sound has to do with the vibration of the spirit that is in the land. In ceremony, we are the land chanting, we are the land dancing.

“There is a voice that is coming from the land. It wants to tell its story, and this is its time. Now the time has come for the land to tell its story.”

~ Joseph Rael - Sound - pg 41-42

Directions to the Ceremony

Leaving the driveway at the Center, turn right on Graves-Delozier Road. At the first right (a paved road), drive down the hill. Please DO NOT park in the meadow. Park along the drive, or at the chamber, which is located at the top of the drive. If there are no places to park, you will have to leave your car at the house and walk down. The sweat lodge is in the north end of the meadow.

Directions to the Center

Donations for the Lodge

The Center for Peace is a non-profit organization that is blessed to continue based on the donations of members and those who attend its functions. Donations are used to support the Center and are always appreciated.

THERE IS NEVER A CHARGE FOR CEREMONY.  IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING ABUNDANT, PLEASE DON’T ALLOW THIS TO PREVENT YOU FROM COMING.  If you have no idea what would be appropriate, we would suggest $10 although less, more, an item, and/or a prayer would also be very much appreciated.