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World-Wide Event
Chanting for Peace
on the December Winter Solstice:
Center For Peace
December 21st
from 10am-11am and 5pm-6pm

“ Joyfully caring for our Mother Earth, we sing and dance and make peace with ourselves and all living beings.”

We will join the call from the House of Mica Peace Sound Chamber in New York to create a stream of continuous chanting for peace across the world on the Winter Solstice.

This annual event has been organized by Rick and Elisa Cotroneo at the House of Mica for more than twenty years. Peace chambers, groups and individuals from around the world will be joining in this annual event by chanting for an hour.

We will be chanting the sacred sounds of the directions as well as sounds of the elements and the seasons as we join all those around the world who are chanting for peace.

The sacred sounds for the elements and seasons can be found here.


By chanting at the Solstice we are honoring the turning of the seasons in a sacred manner. Beautiful Painted Arrow has urged us to chant the vowel sounds as part of our ceremonies for peace. We have chanted the vowel sounds during solstice chanting for more than 10 years and we are happy to chant the vowel sounds again this year. Beautiful Painted Arrow teaches that the vowels are the power behind the language and he shares the following meaning for each vowel:

a pronounced "ah" as in ma = purification or to cleanse

e pronounced as "eh" as in pet = placement and relationship

i pronounced "ee" as in tree = awareness

o pronounced "o" as in grow = innocence or teachability

u pronounced as "u" as in true = carrying or being carried