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A Gathering of Wands and Staffs


Saturday, November 19th


Led by: Joe "Ragman" Williams


Calling in the Ancestors and the Ancient ways, we invite you to gather with your Wands and Staffs in hand and learn first-hand knowledge about their use and deep history. Wands and Staffs first appeared in ceremonies and magic around the 9th century. They are associated with power, wisdom, and prophecy.

In this ceremonial workshop Ragman, Joe Williams, will be sharing teachings and hands-on exercises that will take your practices up a notch.

The workshop will take place in our beautiful outdoor arbor but if weather doesn't allow, we will provide indoor area for use. We ask that you pack a lunch for a midafternoon break.

We invite you to bring your Wands and Staffs for use in the workshop, although it is not necessary to participate. We will have some on hand for purchase.

No charge for this workshop. If you are feeling abundant, we appreciate your donation.