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A Jewel of a Giftshop in the Foothills of the Smokies

Holiday Shopping Day Saturday, December 5th
10:00am to 2:00pm.

There is a lovely little giftshop, nestled in the foothills of the mountains, which is known only to those who have been to the Center for Peace. This giftshop is quite unique in the quality, beauty and value of its merchandise.

You may have visited a certain beautiful shop in Western Plaza in Knoxville, or maybe the pretty little shop in Maryville and found very similar quality items as those at the Center For Peace—but if so, what you’ve also found in those other shops are much higher prices. The prices at the Center For Peace are consistently lower than you will find elsewhere in the region.

The Center for Peace giftshop carries very high quality silver and gemstone jewelry, Native American type jewelry and items, beautiful rocks, minerals and crystals of all sizes. We have had many people from several states tell us that our prices are unbelievably low. All of our items, whether pendants, stones, beaded velvet bags, bracelets, earrings, spheres, sage bundles, massage stones, silver crosses or any other of our numerous wares, are all hand picked, with very few duplicates.

Each visitor will be given an index card (or more) on which you can make your Wish List, so bring your partner, friends and family for a day of leisurely browsing our shop. Each person will have an opportunity to shop for anyone that they choose, while their relative, partner or friend enjoys a cup of tea or coffee and a cookie and a friendly conversation with other persons of like mind.

With your Wish List in hand, your partner can’t go wrong in choosing the perfect gift for you!

All Wish List cards will be filed by us for future buying trips for your birthday, Valentines Day, anniversary or any other occasion. We will also be able to contact you by email when we receive fantastic new merchandise for you to add to your list or to choose from for someone else.


For more information, call 865-428-3070