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This Dance

Led by Robin Youngblood & Bert Gunn


You can see what we've been doing at Dance to Heal the Earth. This dance was given to Grandmother Robin in vision in 2014. It is not a traditional Native American Dance, though it is becoming a tradition for many people around the world.

Every year, Spirit gives Grandmother Robin a message with the theme for the current year. This year, all year, we will be working toward Regeneration in Right Relationship to All Life. Please keep this theme in your minds and hearts daily.

We will gather and Dance to Heal the Earth June 17-20 at the Center for Peace in Seymour, TN.

EarthDancers and EarthKeepers will pray with the Tree of Life to heal ourselves and All Our Relatives, especially Mother Earth.

Dancers will fast after Friday evening's feast, until we feast again on Sunday. Fasting is the easiest way to enter a state of receptivity to the Great Mystery. You may receive messages and visions to be shared with the Dance Chiefs and community.

EarthKeepers can fast if they choose, or eat and drink to support the Dancers. EarthKeepers receive the same blessings as EarthDancers, but Dance in a different way. We need Drummers and Singers (we'll send recordings of the songs we'll in advance); a Kitchen Angel and Helpers; FireKeepers for two fires. Please sign up NOW for these positions so we can communicate as we prepare.

There will be a community Sweat Lodge, and Sweats for EarthDancers.

To participate, please use the Register Now button above.

If you have questions you can email Grandmother Robinor at theEvent Email.

Donation for Dancer is $300 and for Helper is $150 due by May 1st