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Men’s Hollow Bone Dance

Led by Steve Citty

Sun Moon Dance Arbor

The Hollow Bone Dance is important because it has no drumming or singing. It evokes a different plane of resonance. If we could see it in levels: drumming alone is level one; singing is level two, and Hollow Bone is level three; all together level four.

When we do the Hollow Bone, our feet hit the ground, hence, level one drumming. The body movements is the second level of singing while in the third level the bone sound is the eaglet in distress asking for divine guidance. The adult eagles respond who are the Mother-Father God principle.
~Joseph Rael~

Like the sacred Sun-Moon Dance, the Hollow Bone Dance is about bringing peace to the land through fasting, prayer and movement. It is also about gaining personal inspiration, breaking out of the stuck places in our lives, and moving into alignment with our life purpose.

We are the Hollow Bone through which Spirit moves as breath. The arbor with the central tree is a representation of the world (matter) and the Dance is movement. The three are Wah Ma Chi, the act of creator creating.

The Hollow Bone Dance is danced with no drumming, no singing, and very little support from outside the dance arbor. This encourages the dancers to learn to depend on others who are dancing the dance of life with them in the time they are dancing. It is different than the Sun-Moon dance, not better or harder or easier, just different.

The Hollow Bone Dance in Tennessee has grown from a vision of a dance for young men. Realizing that it is necessary for all men to come together to mentor the young in society, Steve discussed with Joseph the idea of changing the dance to include any men and having it become a Hollow Bone Dance where the entire dance is contained by the dancers.

A dance for men to recognize the ways in which men are like one another and to remember that we as men are here to serve.

The Hollow Bone is open to all men who seek the inspiration to live a life of greater spiritual awareness and service.

Sacred Dance is a way to step away from Ego for a time. It’s a time to retreat from the perceptual reality in which we live our ordinary life. It is a way to move beyond the ordinary and begin to make our life “extra ordinary”.

Many dancers will find a new vision for their life in the Dance. Many will find that their life is profoundly changed by the Ceremony, by reaching new levels of intuition and spiritual energy. The Dance will challenge your endurance - mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. It will stretch your limitations and bring you growth.

Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow, is a visionary and mystic of Southern Ute and Picuris Pueblo heritage. For many years, he participated in the sacred dances of his people. In the early 1980s, Spirit gifted Joseph with visions of several sacred dances to be offered to people of all races, religions and creeds. Based on his training, Joseph knew that these dances would provide the special conditions necessary for a direct experience of Spirit and of spiritual realms. For 15 years, he traveled the world leading these ceremonial dances.

In 1997, Beautiful Painted Arrow retired to his land on the Southern Ute Reservation. To continue the work that emerged from his visions, he asked some of those who danced with him to continue conducting these ceremonies. Steve Citty was assigned the Seymour Sun-Moon Dance in Tennessee. The Hollow Bone Dance in Tennessee grew from a vision that Steve had of bringing young men to experience the power of the Sun-Moon Dance. Although the Sun-Moon Dance was brought forth from the vision of a Native American, it is important to understand that it is not strictly a Native American Dance.

For more information, please e-mail Steve at or call (865) 300-4424.