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Messiah Training

Perry Robinson- Tuesdays 7:30-9:00 pm

What if we are the "Messiahs" who have come?

Perry Robinson leads a weekly seminar at the Center for Peace around the subject of “Messiah Training”.

"For at least 2000 years most religious people in the Western World have been waiting for the “New Heaven and New Earth” to descend upon us and/or for a “Messiah” to come to set things right. Are we ready, yet, to become participants rather than just observers?

"What if we are here to create the New Heaven and New Earth?

"What if we are the Messiahs who have come?

"Maybe it is time to take a closer look at what the prophets have been saying: the plan is inside us, so much so that our hearts leap up in recognition, whenever we see any piece of it. Why should it take a Katrina, a tsunami or some other tragedy for us to allow our true qualities of love and understanding to surface?

"I believe that every person holds one or more of the building blocks for the New Heaven and the New Earth, that the “Messiah” is a great number of people who have emerged in this world in our time; and that many of us incarnated in this lifetime to accept our heritage and to set our “blocks” in place. Are you in touch with your part? Two hints:

  1. What really “rings your chimes”?

  2. What is your greatest weakness?

We are wired for fun; and we best teach what we need most to learn!

"If you have read and liked such books as Richard Bach’s ILLUSIONS and/or are intrigued by the teachings of A COURSE IN MIRACLES and/or follow the visionary path taught by people like Joseph Rael, you already may have been studying up on this subject – already a “messiah in training”.

"Please do not let the language throw you! These times together will be very little about doctrine, demands, or nice ideas and much more about self discovery, personal power, and mutual support.

"Let’s get together and look at what we are holding and/or withholding."

Contact Perry Robinson at 865-428-3070

We will start and end on time. Refreshments, if desired, could be shared by those who arrive early.

Offered on a donation basis and open to all.