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The Chamber is Calling. Can you answer?

submitted by Brenda Sue Whitmire


The spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. Could you consider adding one more thing to your life? The Peace Sound Chamber loves to have people come to chant, pray, drum, or just be there. Could you find an hour a month to go by? If not, how about 30mins.? Any time spent in the Chamber will not only be beneficial to you but also to the planet and, since all the Chambers are connected, the work of the Chambers around the world. Some people have asked "what" to chant in the Chambers. Sound of any kind is always welcome. Frogs or song birds are equally enjoyed.

If you would like some suggestions, a wonderful place to start is with the directional sounds. (see attached) and following are the chants for the seasons that were given to the world by Grandfather Beautiful Painted Arrow shortly before the first International Peace Chamber Gathering which took place in Tu Tah at the Center for Peace. If you wish to visit the Chamber, just call first to be sure it is not in use. The number is (865) 428-3070.

If you wish to talk about Chambers or Chanting,contact Brenda Sue Whitmire for more information.

Here are the chants. Note: For anyone new to this understanding of the meanings of sounds (words), there can be numerous meanings for each sound.

Chant for the Springtime:

Naah-Pell Waah-Hu = Planting: the Sowing of the Field

Naah =:the self, both the personal self and the vast Self

N =the personal and infinite self

aah =to wash, to purify, to see Unity and Diversity simultaneously. something purifying is going on here.

Pell = early (recurring) focus

P = the Heart, the center, sunset

ell= the reflectivity of ascending light.

Waah = coming into existence, another word for spirit and breath.

W = two ways of descending light.

aah = washing, purifying

Hu = To carry goodness ; to carry, so that the self-will find its focus (pell) of waah (coming into existence) of Hu ( caring on good works). Hu is another word for the "Most Beautiful One" who carries us.

Chant for the Summertime:

Pell Tah = Cultivating

Pell = early (recurring) focus

P = the Sound of the Heart

E = the power of placement

ell =the reflectivity of ascending light


T = to crystallize

A = washing, purity, purification, purifying light

H = stepladder to the heavenly planes, beyond the beyond

Chant for the Autumn Time

Paah-Cho = The Harvest


P = the Sound of the Heart

aah = to wash, to purify, to bring to the highest clarity

Cho: everywhere

C = beauty

Ho = heavenly lessons that are now ready to be understood, so that the heart of pure clarity can be fused with the beauty of all the heavenly planes, so that childlike innocence can be achieved.

Chant for the Winter time

Toe Way= Toe Way gives us the power to crystallize in frozen context; the power to glean, or grasp, the power between the letters by the power of freezing/crystallizing what it isn’t

Toe =abundance (personal or cosmic) providing one is in existence between the slices of light (letters in a name).

T = to crystallize

O = childlike innocence & teach-ability

E = the power of placement

Way = the power of femininity, descending into existence, to wash and purify the connection between the physical and spiritual planes.

W = the power of femininity to descend into existence-ness

A = washing, purifying, clarity is going on here.

Y = the connection between the physical plan spiritual plan