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FRIENDS of the Center For Peace

If you have participated in any of the programs, offerings, and events that occur on an ongoing basis at the Center for Peace you have already felt the personal blessings from these activities. Our mission is to be a Spiritual Center for our community which extends to anyone open to this learning path.

One of our tenants is to understand the Universal Law of personal growth. We teach how Giving Back to the Source benefits us. It is important that the Center for Peace move forward in growth and expansion and we need your help. To do this we are initiating FRIENDS OF CENTER FOR PEACE which is an opportunity to give back by sponsoring the programs and projects we have here at the Center.


Ongoing Sponsorship:

We are asking for sponsorship through monthly donations. We have over 700 on our mailing list who receive our monthly newsletter and our Weekly Blast. These donations do not need to be large but if those who love the Center for Peace could help by committing a few dollars on a monthly basis it could be the difference between always hoping that someday we will be able to build or provide those needed areas (i.e. showers, sleeping areas, restrooms) and actually making it happen.

Won’t you please consider participating in our FRIENDS OF CENTER FOR PEACE program and help us move from a position of lack to an immediate position of growth and expansion?

It doesn’t take much — just a community.

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