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Native Nurturing

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Native Nurturing has been offered at the Center For Peace since 1997. It was begun based on Nan Citty’s vision of bringing the experience of the Dance to “our” children.

Most importantly, we are teachers of children. Nurturance implies love, a protective structure, an environment that is fun and memorable, and patience from our caretakers.

Native Nurturing was created for our children in order to teach the old way of ceremony and spiritual life. It is based on the teachings of Native American visionary Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow. We conduct a variety of special events scheduled at various times throughout the school year, culminating in our Young People’s Dance in August.

The events provide a hands-on experience that includes drumming, chanting, storytelling, and lessons on a variety of ceremonies. These workshops help make these teachings a regular part of the lives of our children-and reinforce them as a regular part of our lives, as well. Nan Citty is a Sun/Moon Dancers who has experience in various areas of ceremonial tradition-lead the workshops.

Over the years, we have noticed that these special, beautiful children who Spirit has brought to us are becoming visionaries themselves. It is such a joy to see children who are not fettered with all the chains of ignorance that once held us back.

Consider attending these workshops with your children, grandchildren, or godchildren. Even if you have no children, please feel free to come and give your support. It will renew your faith that God is watching over us and that our world is in Spirit’s hands.

For more information on upcoming Native Nurturing events, please call Nan Citty 865-405-6809.