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SunMoon Dance

Led by Steve Citty

Corona Virus protocols

In this time of Corona Virus, we feel that the most effective way to provide a level of comfort and safety to all of our dancers and staff is to require that all participants test for COVID. Test as close to the event as possible.

Self test kits are available for free from the government as well as most drugstores (Walgreens & CVS). Test results take about 15 minutes.



SunMoon by Joseph Rael

The ceremony of the SunMoon Dance has been given to the people in the form we dance at the Center for Peace by Beautiful Painted Arrow, Joseph Rael.

Though it may be said it has its roots in Native American teachings, which is true, since Joseph is a Native American of the Ute and Tiwa people, the roots of the Dance also stretch back to ceremonies in Crete and Mycenia. It is in fact a fairly common ceremony for the People to gather about a single tree and dance. Although Joseph is Native American, the form of the Dance that he has given to us is not one from traditional native ways, but is rather a form given to him in vision. The SunMoon Dance is a part of the vision to bring peace to Mother Earth and to facilitate Her healing.

The People chanting, dancing and praying become the hollow reed through which vibration is called into this plane as sound and movement. In this way we connect the up above and the down below.

The SunMoon Dance is fasting, prayer and movement. We dance for inspiration, clarity and to break forms. Fasting allows us to become aware of the light that is moving through us by speeding up the brain’s energy to become more perceptive, more aware of the rapidly moving light energy. This leads to heightened psychic awareness.

The Dance helps us to break the crystallization of forms that hold us in the places we are stuck. By dancing and fasting for the time of the Dance, we heighten our awareness and allow ourselves to remake our personal world even as we call the vibration of peace to the land we dance upon.

When we dance we are the truth of breath, matter and movement. By dancing on land that has been used for Dance before, we are placing ourselves in a vortex of Spirit energy. This vortex calls us higher up in vibration as we follow the steps of those that have danced on this land before our time. The land calls us.

The SunMoon Dance needs no explanation to those who have danced, and no explanation is possible for those who have not danced. You know if you are to dance.

Join us as we dance Love and Beauty into being on the land. If you think the Dance is not for you then please send prayers of support to those who will dance. Over the years I have come to fully understand that the most important things we can do are to show up and pay attention.

Items to bring:

Both men and women will wear skirts in the dance. The skirt encircles us so that we are dancing within a sacred hoop.

Sleeping bag, pad, blanket, pillow, tent, tarp or ground cover, clothes for hot or cool weather, raincoat or poncho, clothes for the sweat lodge, towels, skirts or dresses for women (no halter or tank tops or sheer blouses), skirts and short or long sleeve shirts for men, 100 percent cotton cloth for prayer ties (red, yellow, black, white, green, and blue), string, tobacco, sunblock, insect repellent, sun hat, sun glasses, or whatever items are needed for your personal comfort (such as baby wipes, deodorant, etc.).

On Site Registration

11 am to 1 pm on Friday.

Please register online prior to Tuesday, July 6. Contact Steve if you have any problems with the online registration.


The requested donation for the SunMoon Dance is $750.

It is important to know that we do NOT want a lack of money to keep anyone from dancing in 2021. No matter what your circumstances, if you are being called to dance, we want you to be able to be in the arbor. Some trade of work or needed materials or food for the crew or money or some good intentioned effort to support the Center will be considered as payment. For more information, please e-mail Steve at or call 865-300-4424.