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Sweat Lodge


Sweat Lodge

Due to Covid Surge
the scheduled sweat lodge
has been CANCELLED


Purification & Prayer Lodge

A sweat lodge, or a stone people’s lodge, can be an intensely rewarding experience. By entering the mother’s womb (the lodge), we seek purification and a deeper spiritual awareness through prayer.

Generally speaking the experience is to deepen spiritual awareness. The steam, heat, and darkness help intensify and hold our prayers and add to our personal introspection.

The lodge leader (pourer), with help from the fire tender, hold an energetic space of safety and security while setting the intent of the lodge. The medicine of the lodge leader and of each participant helps to enrich the lessons of the lodge.

General Information

SATURDAY Lodge:  The fire is generally started at 10:00 am.

It is suggested that you to arrive near this time so you can prayerfully prepare for the lodge.

  • Call Steve Citty, 1-865-300-4424 for information on lodges.
  • If you have any questions, please ask the lodge master and/or the fire tender.
  • Composting toilets are located in the meadow and near the Peace Sound Chamber.
  • You may change clothes in either the Peace Sound Chamber or the composting toilets.

Safety Guidelines - click here

Suggested Items to Bring

  • Please dress modestly for this ceremony.
  • Two towels (one to bring in the lodge with you and one for after the lodge)
  • Change of clothes.
  • Food to share for the feast after the lodge.

It is appropriate to bring tobacco, a small gift, or monetary donation for the fire-keeper and lodge master, both of whom offer their services to the people as a gift.

Directions to the Sweat Lodge

Leaving the driveway at the Center, turn right on Graves-Delozier Road. At the first right (a paved road), drive down the hill. Please park in the meadow. The sweat lodge is in the north end of the meadow.

directions to the Center

Donations for the Lodge

The Center for Peace is a non-profit organization that is blessed to continue based on the donations of members and those who attend its functions. Donations are used to support the sweat lodge. A cord of wood, for example, costs more than $200. We use lots of wood for the fire as well as supplies like herbs (sage, tobacco, cornmeal, etc.), drinking water, sweetgrass, and more. Donations are always appreciated.

THERE IS NEVER A CHARGE FOR CEREMONY.  IF YOU ARE NOT FEELING ABUNDANT, PLEASE DON’T ALLOW THIS TO PREVENT YOU FROM COMING.  If you have no idea what would be appropriate, we would suggest $20 although less, more, an item, and/or a prayer would also be very much appreciated.