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A personal tent, ground cover, tarp, sleeping bag, pillow, pad or mattress and anything else necessary for your comfort while sleeping/resting. You may also wish to bring a chair.

Clothing that can be layered. Some mornings and evenings may be cool. Women will wear skirts, mid-calf-minimum for skirt length and modest tops or mid-calf skirt length dresses while dancing. You may wear shorts, leggings or sweat pants underneath your skirt. There will be no nudity at the Dance except inside your tent. Bring comfortable shoes to wear. You may also dance barefooted. Bring a dress or skirt and top, and towels for the sweat lodge which will take place on Friday. In preparation for this Dance ceremony, women will wear dresses or skirts and tops in the lodge; No swim suits, shorts, etc. Please ask if you have questions about this.

We suggest that you bring sunscreen, insect repellent, baby wipes, sunglasses, hat, chap stick, flashlight and rain gear. Please bring unscented items only. No matter where you are in your moon cycle, it is advisable to bring sanitary supplies, as the Dance sometimes will change your cycle.

If you are on any medication, please bring it with you and inform the Chiefs of your medical conditions.

You will not need food or water during the Dance. We will be fasting.

You may bring ceremonial items for a small altar inside your tent. Use of a ceremonial turkey fan in the Dance is ok, but no rattles, bells or personal Drums are to be used by the Dancers.

VERY IMPORTANT: No raptor or other restricted feathers are allowed on the land.

Bring 3 or 4 small, white hand towels, which will be turned in at registration, used during the Dance and left at the Dance site; and 2 white sheets. Also, please bring ½ yard each of yellow, white, black, red, green, blue & purple cotton fabric, (please try to find cotton as it burns more cleanly. Cotton/poly blends are acceptable if you cannot find cotton), tobacco, and string for the making of prayer ties. You may also choose to bring a “personal color” of fabric to use in addition to the traditional ones. (Instructions will be given at the Dance about the making of Prayer Ties. If this is not your first Web Dance, remember the gray fabric as well.) You may begin your Prayer Ties before the Dance. Remember to bring them with you to the Dance.

Each dancer is requested to bring food to share for the feast following the Dance. Please do not bring anything that needs major cooking or preparation. Food may be taken to the kitchen prior to the Dance. Refrigeration is available.

Bring an item to give away for the giveaway ceremony following the feast and sharing.

Do NOT bring any electronic devices such as radios, recording devices, lap tops, tablets, etc. Please leave your cell phones turned off and in your car.

If there is any emergency we will provide you with a phone. If you need more info about any of the items please contact the Dance Chiefs at

Let’s Dance!