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Chanting and Drumming Prayers for Ukraine

Ukraine flag

Sundays, 2022

12 noon to 1 pm

Led by: Council members

Sunday October 16th only, there will NOT be chanting in the chamber, as there is a Dance that weekend.

Every Sunday we will hold a Chanting and Drumming Prayer ceremony for the people of Ukraine in the Sound Peace Chamber


Chanting and drumming will be held in the Sound Peace Chamber at the Center For Peace. We will spend the hour chanting, drumming and praying for the people of Ukraine and Russia.

The Sound Peace Chambers conceived by Joseph Rael-Beautiful Painted Arrow have been placed around the world. When any one of the chambers is activated, all the chambers vibrate with the words, sounds and prayers shared in the chamber.

By putting our prayers on the vibration of the chanted vowel sounds and the drum beat, the prayers are carried into the cells of our body and energize each of us as the powerful beings that we are.

Bring your own voice to chant and pray.

Bring your own drum. We will have several there.

We hope you are able to join us, however, if you cannot join us, set aside the time, pull-out that beautiful drum of yours, or an empty box, and prepare your space and join us on the drumbeat on Sunday.

Chant each vowel sound for about 2 minutes then listen for a time (1 minute) before going to the next.


Chanting the Vowel Sounds:

Here is a description of the specific sounds to chant and the central metaphor behind the sound:

  • a pronounced "ah" as in ma = purification or to cleanse
  • e pronounced as "eh" as in pet = placement/relationship
  • i pronounced "ee" as in tree = awareness
  • o pronounced "o" as in grow = innocence or teachability
  • u pronounced as "u" as in true = carrying or being carried


Two Heart Meditation

-Our Mother Needs Our Loving Attention

This is a meditation of visualizing Mother Earth in an attitude of blessing and can be done at any time.

You can download a .pdf of this meditation HERE

from Being and Vibration: Entering the New World by Joseph Rael (p.136-138)
Reprinted in the Newsletter ‚ÄúSeeds of Peace‚ÄĚ No.17, May 2020