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Huna Workshop

June 27th – 28th 2015

Led by: Perry Robinson


The Huna Way

Recently, Spirit placed upon me a much stronger sense of urgency regarding the process of our assuming responsibility not only for our thoughts, actions, and reactions but also for our part in the healing of life. Since that time, more energies have been at work bringing deeper understandings of how shamanism – and, especially, Huna shamanism – can help us fulfill those responsibilities.

Huna is a very ancient practice, which comes to us by way of Hawaii and the South Pacific.

Huna Shamanism is for those people who are willing to BE in this world as participants with the Creator in what It is doing – as co-creators. It is a way of blessing, enhancing, and encouraging other people and other forms of life to grow and to express life according their own unique patterns and will – which is the way of love. Thus it is distinguished from most people’s mindset: using, manipulating, and imperiously “deciding what’s best for” [judging] other people and other life forms.

Since to give is how we recognize that we have received [also stated as “what goes around, comes around”], Huna offers a way to give/receive blessing.

Since everything is energy, Huna offers a way of focusing – paying attention – so that our energy goes in the directions that we prefer, rather than just “whatever”.

Looking at pictures of healthy people exercising may offer us motivation to follow their example; but, if that’s all we do, our looking at pictures may help us to remain stuck, while our bodies become flaccid.

No one can live our life for us. There are people who can – and will – make choices for us, if we don’t make them [look where that’s gotten us!]. We get to experience the results of those choices, whether we make them or allow someone else to make them. When we make a choice, that moment of choice is our moment of power.

If we exert enough will and energy, we can do whatever we wish to do.

But the world was created in such a way that our lives will be more fun and a lot easier for us – and for all those around us –, if we bless all things and all people in their freedom to be.

Huna Shamanism offers ways and means to walk in balance and in power in this world. More than that, it offers a way of life in which ideas become possibilities, possibilities become probabilities, and probabilities become manifest!

In this two-day workshop participants will be taught

  • Huna philosophy, the Huna mind set
  • How to enter an altered state of reality at will
  • How to energize for healing
  • How to blend with a plant or animal
  • How to blend with another person for healing
  • How to create ceremony
  • How to use tools to get answers to questions.

For those who would like to prepare for this experience, the book URBAN SHAMAN, by Serge Kahili King, is suggested reading.

The investment is $200 for both days [$100 for those who have taken it before].

Advance registration is requested, with a $25 deposit.

On both Saturday and Sunday, the workshop will start at 9:30 am and last until 5 pm.

Participants are encouraged to bring food to share in a light lunch each day.