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Young People’s Dance

Led by Nan Citty

Nan Citty

The Young People’s Dance is a native-based ceremonial Dance in the tradition of visionary Joseph Rael, Beautiful Painted Arrow. This ceremony is created for children and their guardians. However, individual adults who want to honor the children around the world or support our young people at the Center are also welcome to participate as dancers.

The Young People’s Dance is the result of a shared vision extending from the Native Nurturing Workshops, which were created to prepare the way for our children, who in turn prepare the way for our future. The idea for Native Nurturing was born from a vision during a Sun-Moon Dance with the spiritual directive to create a space for our children to learn these traditionally based ceremonies because as children, they are closer and more open to their spiritual connectedness.

The Young People’s Dance is a one-day Dance beginning with a sweat lodge at 10 am and ending in late afternoon with a feast and a giveaway. Most Dances at the Center are traditionally a time of fasting, but because the focus of this dance is on young people, water and light food will be available between Dance rounds for any dancers who feel they need it.

Dance Chief Nan Citty, LCSW, has participated in native-based ceremonies at the Center for Peace and abroad (in Brazil, Israel and Ireland) for more than two decades.  Other dancers, drummers, singers, fire tenders, and chiefs who actively commit their time at the Center for Peace will be helping us with this Dance. Grandfather Joseph has blessed these children and us all with his teachings.

What to Bring

  • Participants should bring clothes for both the sweat lodge and the dance. 
  • Traditionally, the girls are asked to wear skirts or dresses with loose sleeves.
  • The boys are to wear apron skirts over their jeans or shorts.
  • Bring a sleeping bag or blanket for resting between dance rounds.
  • Please bring one white sheet per dancer.
  • There will be a feast following the Dance, so bring food to share.
  • We will also be holding a giveaway after the feast, so bring something you would like to give away to symbolize the sharing of our bountiful gifts and the love and caring we have for all our brothers and sisters. Such sharing helps us to impart to our children the importance of honoring the gifts of this Earth and of the Spirit. The children in turn help remind us that to believe is to receive.

If you have questions, contact Nan Citty at (865) 405-6809.